Dave's Dental Lab - Full-service dental lab Jupiter FL ceramic artificial Hand holding a translucent upper essix retainer upper denture Prosthetics

Give your patients the finest prosthetic when you work with us. We specialize in fabrication of long-lasting, comfortable and true to life dental prosthetics for your patients. We are certified in the excels of fulfilling your general dentistry requirements.

“Good fit, good color, punctual, reliable, and flexible. Superior quality and good fees. No weaknesses noted.”

– Dr. Paul Donatelli

When you need high-quality dental prosthetics built to last, we are the team to trust. We offer custom removable prosthetics, including dentures, partials, and night guards. We only use the finest materials in our appliances to give our clients and their patient's peace of mind.

Get professional quality prosthetics

What we offer dentists is exceptional dental service, producing and manufacturing all kinds of dental prosthetics, tailored to your patients, including our specialized dentures and veneers. Whatever your patient needs, just give us a call and ask us how we can help.

Please your patients

It is our mission to restore the smiles of your patients with quality fixed or removable prosthetics. We were voted #1 in South Florida as the best full-service dental laboratory.

Voted #1 in South Florida

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