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Our doctors recently participated in a nationwide survey that rated our performance in five critical areas. The results placed us in the coveted category of "Superior+" and determined that dentists like you choose us for 3 main reasons.

“Dave is honest and reliable, and he stands behind his work 100%.”

– Dr. Jay A. Gelman

We you use our services, we become a part of your team and provide you with stress-free lab work to help you build a successful dental practice. We offer local pickup and delivery - as well as non-local, out-bound shipping - and it is completely free. Cases are normally completed within 8 working days in the lab.

2. Remarkable Service

Once we accept your case, we stand by our work for one year after delivery. If a dental case fails within that period of time for any reason other than blatant abuse, we remake it to your original prescription free of charge. If you want to work with the best, contact us today to arrange a consultation or to schedule a test case.

3. Hassle-free guarantee

We always cater to dentists who place their patients first and their bottom line a close second. The consistency of quality, as well as low fees has earned rave reviews from doctors. This rare combination brings us a steady stream of repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals. The bottom line is this: we help you minimize overall chair time per patient. This allows you to schedule more patients per week, maximizing profitability.

1. Bottom line value

Qualified technicians with exceptional service